Grabber Saddle Plate

  • The Grabber Saddle Plate provides lateral support for dimensional lumber beams and prevents the beam from torquing

  • Allows for the through connection of fasteners into the side of the wood beam

  • Some municipalities have required the use of a saddle plate for dimensional lumber or LVL beams in conjunction with Adjustable Steel Columns



SP57165 3/8" W x 3 9/16" H x 8" L8-90475-001716-0123.7 lbs.
SP39163 5/8" W x 3 9/16" H x 8" L8-90475-001916-4122.4 lbs.

Grabber Saddle Plate


If you are using a laminated (LVL) or dimensional lumber beam, you must use a saddle plate in conjunction with Adjustable Steel Columns per Wisconsin UDC (Uniform Dwelling Code).

Com21.22(3)(d) Lateral restraint for all wood beams shall be provided at all columns using a saddle plate or other approved connection where the beam meets one of the following conditions:
1. The beam is not restrained at both ends.
2. The beam is more than 1 11⁄4 inches deep using actual measurement.