Window Wells

Steel Window Well Covers are Made of a Single-Piece of Construction for Fast, and Easy Installation.

The Window Well Covers made from Tiger Brand Jack-Posts are made of a single piece of steel. They are intended to keep the surrounding ground collapsing in.

These well covers are available in round or square, and made to provide protection without compromising the amount of light transmitted through basement windows.

round steel window well

Round 37” wide 16” projection accommodates 35” to 40” width

AW R1212" Round8-38956-00812-8531 lbs.4.63
AW R1515" Round8-38956-00815-9543 lbs.5.78
AW R1818" Round8-38956-00818-0545 lbs.6.94
AW R2424" Round8-38956-00824-1559 lbs.9.25
AW R3030" Round8-38956-00830-2572 lbs.11.56
AW R3636" Round8-38956-00836-4581 lbs.13.88
AW R4848" Round8-38956-00948-45125 lbs.18.50
12" Vent12" Round7-16733-91200-71035 lbs.2.24
steel square window well

Square 37” wide, 13” projection

AW S1212" Square8-38956-00912-5533 lbs.3.85
AW S1515" Square8-38956-00915-6538 lbs.4.82
AW S1818" Square8-38956-00918-7541 lbs.5.78
AW S2424" Square8-38956-00924-8563 lbs.7.71
AW S3030" Square8-38956-00930-9574 lbs.9.64
AW S3636" Square8-38956-00936-1595 lbs.11.56
AW S4848" Square8-38956-00949-15125 lbs.15.42

Steel Window Well Cover Specifications

  • Area Walls provide more daylight and drainage for at-grade windows
  • 22 gauge galvanized steel with deep corrugations for extra strength
  • Fully rolled top for rigidity and safety
  • Wide, pre-punched flat mounting flanges
  • Single-piece of construction up to 48 inches height – without any welds

Standard Heights for Both Round & Square (approx.): 12”, 15”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”. Standard package: 5 per bundle