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At Tiger Brand, our reputation is built upon more than just the strength and durability of our products. We know our expert help and prompt, friendly service is just as important to our customers.

As a leading producer of construction and foundation products, Tiger Brand provides a broad range of superior commercial, industrial and residential products at highly competitive prices.

Our products are unequaled thanks to the industry’s most sophisticated design, process automation and testing facilities. What’s more, having vertically integrated tube mills means we don’t rely on outside suppliers, which gives us greater control at every step of the design and manufacturing process.

Since 1946 we’ve hired people who find gratification in helping customers complete their projects successfully.

When it comes down to it, at Tiger Brand, what we’re really about is building relationships.

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And we don’t simply provide these products.
We surround them with quality service & support.


J-PRO-1004’ 8" to 8’ 4"11 Gauge8-38956-00100-64
J-S-1004’ 8" to 8’ 4"15 Gauge8-38956-00000-94
J-S-934’ 6" to 7’ 9"15 Gauge8-38956-00093-14
J-S-552’ 10" to 4’ 7"15 Gauge8-38956-00055-94
J-S-361’ 7" to 3’ 0"15 Gauge8-38956-00036-84
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The best adjustable posts and columns available. Tiger Brand products are not simply manufactured, but engineered.

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Innovative Engineering Solutions

Vertically Integrated Tube Mill

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